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  • poudre chaga

    The Chaga

    Antioxidant · Stimulates Immunity · Beauty · Digestion


  • le Cordyceps en poudre


    Energy · Physical performance


  • reishi en poudre

    Le reishi

    Stimulates Immunity · Inflammation & relaxation · Sleep


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le Cordyceps en poudre ingredients poudre de cordyceps cordyceps en poudre
  • le Cordyceps en poudre
  • ingredients poudre de cordyceps
  • cordyceps en poudre

Concentration and Memory

Cordyceps extract powder

Independent laboratory tested



Made in France




Pour une durée moyenne de

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Cordyceps: The Mushroom of Champions

Certified Quality
  • French Mush is the only player in the world to cultivate and extract on European territory.

  • Our ultrasonic extraction technique allows 92% bioavailability. French mush extracts are therefore 4 to 8 times more effective than average.

  • French Mush extracts areclinically provenfor their effectiveness and the active compounds they contain.

  • We are certified French organic farming.
Legend of Cordyceps

Cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom renowned in traditional Chinese medicine. He has been known in Europe since 1993 after the world athletics championships. During this competition, the Chinese women's team won all the titles and justified doping rumors by promoting cordyceps. Cordyceps is not a doping product.

Discreet Flavor

French Mush cordyceps has almost no taste, it mixes perfectly with food or drinks.

We advise you to use the products as a treatment of at least 30 days and if possible 90 days.

You can use different mushrooms at the same time for a synergistic effect.

Ingredients and traceability

Our Cordyceps products are offered in two formats: powder and capsules.

For the powder :

  • Each 100g are Cordyceps sinensis extracts from the renowned Fujian Farm in China. These extracts guarantee a minimum of 30% polysaccharides and a high percentage of cordycepin.

Regarding capsules:

  • One capsule is composed of 400 mg of Cordyceps sinensis fruiting body extracts.

It is essential to specify that all our Cordyceps extracts benefit from organic farming. In addition, all of our products are 100% vegan and our capsules are made from Bread Apple, ensuring their natural character and compliance with a vegan diet.

We would like to inform our customers that these products are not recommended for children, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Can I eat several mushrooms at the same time?

Yes absolutely, there is a synergistic effect in consuming different mushrooms, particularly on digestion, immunity and vitality.

Cordyceps FAQ for Athletes

How does Cordyceps improve sports performance?

Cordyceps works by increasing the efficiency of oxygen use and stimulating energy production at the cellular level.

When should I take Cordyceps for optimal effectiveness?

We recommend taking Cordyceps approximately 30 minutes before exercise for maximum performance.

Cordyceps, an ally for marathon runners

The marathon is the ultimate test of endurance, combining strength, energy and resilience. In this challenge, every element of your preparation counts, especially nutrition. Cordyceps, known for its effects on endurance and respiratory capacity, is an ideal natural supplement for marathon runners.

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  • Alex, marathon runner 01/12/2023

    Since incorporating Frenchmush Cordyceps into my training routine, I have noticed a marked improvement in my endurance and recovery.

    dosage des champignons

    Macro dosing

    3g / day

    durée de la cure des champignons

    60 days

    le Cordyceps en poudre



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  • Léa, triathlete 20/11/2023

    Un must-have !!!

    Cordyceps has become a key element in my preparation for competitions

    dosage des champignons

    Macro dosing

    3 capsules / day

    durée de la cure des champignons

    60 days

    Cordyceps en gélules



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Maximize Your Sports Performance with Cordyceps

Boost your energy, physical performance and libido.


Physical performance



Rich in cordycepin

Discover the range

Discover Our Cordyceps Product for Athletes

Powders: 1g of powder in your drink. Capsule: 1 to 2 capsules per day


1- 3g extracts/d

Renal Function

1- 3g extracts/d


1- 3g extracts/d

Physical performance

1- 3g extracts/d

Improved Stamina

Cordyceps works by optimizing metabolism and oxygen use, two key factors in endurance sports like marathon running. It helps improve cardio performance and muscular endurance, essential for long distances.

Energy Boost and Fatigue Reduction

Cordyceps is known for its energizing properties, providing a natural energy boost, without the side effects of artificial stimulants. It helps combat fatigue, allowing runners to maintain consistent performance.

Nutrition and Supplementation

Enriched with vitamins, minerals and trace elements, Cordyceps perfectly complements a balanced diet, thus supporting energy metabolism and accelerating recovery after exercise.

Ideal Time for Consumption

To optimize its effects, consume Cordyceps approximately 30 minutes before training. This prior intake allows your body to fully benefit from its energy benefits during the race.

Effectiveness Proven by Research

Studies have shown that Cordyceps improves key parameters like muscle strength, ATP production, and tolerance to high-intensity exercise, all crucial for marathon performance.

Nos experts

French Mush products include all the mushrooms, the mycelium, the fruiting body and the extracts, made possible thanks to a short circuit and 18 months of R&D work.

Antoine Alibert

Entrepreneur committed to the world of well-being

Javier Gorgas

Mushroom grower in Normandy, pioneer in the cultivation of medicinal mushrooms in France.


Certified naturopath expert in mycology and mycelia for over 10 years.

François Lovo

Micro nutritionist and Naturopath

Audrey Smolak

Experienced entrepreneur in the well-being and health sector.

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Transparency and Certification

Are your products certified organic?

All our products are certified organic by independent French organizations, guaranteeing cultivation and production that respect the environment and your health.

Where can I find your product analysis reports?

We take quality seriously. This is why we provide you with independent laboratory analysis reports for each batch of product. You can download the results [here].

How do you extract the compounds from your mushrooms?

We use a state-of-the-art ultrasonic extraction method, which preserves the potency and integrity of the mushrooms' active compounds for maximum effectiveness.

Do your products contain GMOs or additives?

We are proud to offer you 100% natural products, without GMOs, without additives or preservatives. In addition, our packaging is ecological and recyclable.

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