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The microdosing of a product or CBD microdosing consists of consuming small doses of Cannabidiol or another substance in order to find the best balance between dosage and effects felt. Microdosing can be adopted for all forms of CBD (oil, capsules, herbal teas, etc.) and also for the consumption of medicinal mushrooms.

What is microdosing?

Microdosing was born with the chemist Albert Hoffman who long took microdoses of LSD. The chemist demonstrated that the microdosing method of taking small amounts of a substance in increments for therapeutic purposes is an ideal technique for conditioning the brain's receptors to achieve a targeted physiological response with a minimal dose. He has observed and documented all the benefits generated by this microdosing technique in numerous studies and clinical trials. The definition of microdosing is therefore obtaining the minimum effective dose.

Today, the microdosing has become widespread among the general public and CBD in particular. This practice consists of taking several CBD microdoses throughout the day rather than a single large dose in one or two doses. The sockets are also spaced as far apart as possible. Doing this has certain advantages.

The benefits of microdosing CBD

Microdose and space out your CBD intake throughout the day offers certain benefits. First of all, this practice makes it possible to better maintain the effects of Cannabidiol. Then, spreading your dose over the day provides uniformity in the effects felt. 

Microdosing allows CBD to be introduced into the body gradually and therefore to benefit as much as possible from all its benefits. By choosing the microdosing, the consumer also offers the possibility of being able to mix the products if necessary, without having to suffer negative aspects.

How to define the right microdose of CBD?

To can calculate your microdose, you just need to know your overall daily dose of CBD. You then have to divide everything into different takes which will be spread over the day. You can choose to take a microdose every 3 hours for example. When it's the first time you take Cannabidiol, it may take a few days to find the perfect dosage. In this case, it is always recommended to start with small doses, and then increase them if necessary. THE CBD dosage calculation must take into account the concentration of Cannabidiol in your product and your weight.

To put microdosing into practice, take it step by step. Start by taking a dose of CBD as low as possible.

Listen to your feelings in the next hour. If you don't feel any effect after 30 minutes, take an additional equivalent dose. Stay tuned and when you have identified the right dosage, plan the next dose at the ideal time. Take stock after a week and adjust if necessary.

CBD microdosing versus single dose

If the consumer takes all of his dose of CBD in one go, he will feel more intense effects but only for one or two hours. With microdosing it's quite the opposite, you feel the effects more subtly but throughout the day.

To have the best effects of CBD, a maximum dose is not recommended. And the reason is simple, the cannabinoid receptors stimulated by CBD in a high dose become saturated. However, each person has a maximum threshold of receptivity to CBD. By exceeding this threshold, we obtain the opposite effect to that sought. And on the contrary, by staying below this threshold, we really benefit from the health benefits of CBD.

In conclusion, daily intake of small doses of CBD increase the effectiveness and benefits of the natural effects of Cannabidiol by constantly stimulating the endocannabinoid system. THE microdoses allow you to maintain stable levels of CBD in your receptors.

Microdosing and CBD oil

The recommended dosage for CBD oil varies from one to two drops or more per day. The intake depends on the needs of each person and also on the CBD oil itself (concentration rate of the CBD). But here again, you can apply the method of microdosing. Always start with small doses and increase the intake if necessary later. As an indication, we feel the effects of CBD by consuming 0.5 mg of CBD per kilo. You can use this information to convert it into the number of drops of CBD oil. 

Microdosing Adaptogenic Mushrooms

And adaptogenic mushroom is a protector of the body (Reishi, Lion's maneCordyceps…). Its role is to increase the body's resistance and provide better balance.

While being effective, an adaptogenic mushroom is harmless and does not disrupt the body's natural functions. But as with microdosing any substance, there is also an optimal dosage for adaptogenic mushrooms. In short, excessive consumption could bring imbalance instead of supporting the body in a beneficial way. You must therefore find the right dose and not hesitate to microdoser, even if it means increasing the quantity afterwards.