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La poudre de champignons adaptogènes : Un complément naturel aux multiples vertus pour la santé

Adaptogenic Mushroom Powder: A Natural Supplement with Multiple Health Benefits


Adaptogenic mushrooms are biologically active mushrooms. They are able to adapt to the environment in which they develop. They can be consumed in different ways, including in powder form. There adaptogenic mushroom powder has a regulatory effect on the body during states of stress. So, what are the health benefits? How to take the adaptogenic mushroom powder daily ? What are the contraindications? Explanations. 




Mycology of adaptogenic mushrooms, what should we remember?



The mycology is the scientific study of mushrooms. In mycology, adaptogenic mushrooms are considered to be medicinal mushrooms. They have also been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. We can cite the reishi and the child, but there are many more. Each adaptogenic mushroom has its own benefits. 

But it must be remembered that they all have in common the power to stabilize the natural functions of the body. They help the body balance biological, chemical and physical variations. 





Adaptogenic mushroom powder, why take it? 



There are plenty of good reasons to take adaptogenic mushroom powder. Their composition is interesting for the body. In fact, they are rich in beta glucans. Whether it is reishi, shiitake, chaga or lion's mane mushroom, the intake of beta glucans is important. 


-Adapogenic mushrooms, great and rich in beta glucans 


THE medicinal mushrooms offer a great wealth of beta-glucans. Beta glucans benefit the body because they have the power to boost natural immunity and can be useful in various situations. 

●  Support the organization in the event of cancer 

●  Regulate blood sugar 

●  Balance metabolism 


THE beta glucans are long chains of sugars found in the cell walls of fungi and other plants or bacteria. Depending on their origin, their structure and properties differ. You should know that scientific journals highlight β-glucans as substances beneficial to health. 


-What does science say about beta glucans in adaptogenic mushrooms? 

Multiple scientific journals have looked into the subject. What comes to the fore is that the β-glucans play a major role in the effectiveness of adaptogenic mushrooms. Scientists have noted benefits for the immune system, the nervous system and also the digestive system. If β-glucans are presented as active substances in adaptogenic mushrooms, it is because they activate enzyme reactions. Beta glucans are found in adaptogenic mushroom powders. 



Which adaptogenic mushroom powders?


As we have mentioned, there are different adaptogenic mushroom powders. 

Here are some examples. 

-Cordyceps powder 

THE Cordyceps are medicinal mushrooms common in Europe, Asia and North America. Traditional Chinese medicine attributes many virtues to them and several scientific studies attest to their benefits. 


The Cordyceps powder is beneficial in several aspects. 


●  To strengthen tone and performance 

●  Improve sexual health (libido, fertility) 

●  Support liver and kidney function 

●  Soothe and cleanse the respiratory tract 

●  Prevent tumor formations 

● Hydne hedgehog powder 

● The hedgehog hydne mushroom powder also has its own benefits. 

●  It helps prevent the decline of cognitive functions 

●  Participates in better health of the nervous system 

●  Facilitates the regeneration of bone tissue 

●  May help speed up the healing of superficial wounds 

●  Calms ulcers 

●  May improve health in stomach cancer 


-Reishi powder 


With more than 210 bioactive substances, reishi powder also represents many interests for health. 

●  It strengthens resistance to coping with stress 

●  Improves natural immunity 

●  Soothes and combats fatigue 

●  Regulates mood 

●  Attenuates the negative effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy 


-Shiitake powder 


It's another adaptogenic mushroom powder, the Shiitake powder. A famous mushroom in Asian cuisine, Shiitake also has medicinal properties. 

●  Shiitake powder helps reduce cholesterol levels 

●  Contributes to better cardiovascular health 

●  Balance the weight 

●  Regulates immunity and strengthens it if necessary 

●  Provides an important source of iron 


-Chaga powder 


Less known than the others adaptogenic mushroom powders, the chaga powder is nevertheless very interesting for the organism. Coming from the fungus that grows on birch trees, it contributes to the health of the digestive system and adrenal glands. 

●  It is attributed with virtues in the fight against cancer 

●  It stimulates the immune system 

●  And has strong antioxidant potential 

If these adaptogenic mushroom extract powders have piqued your curiosity, please note that they should not be confused with mycelium powders. We'll explain it to you. 



What is the difference between mushroom extract powders and mycelium powders? 


The mycelium powder is made from the vegetative part of a mushroom whose structure is made up of a mass of branched and filiform hyphae. The hyphae of 

Fungi are multi-nuclear filamentous vegetative elements. Mycelia are characterized by all the fungal filaments of a mushroom. They disperse in plants and soil, to preserve the balance of ecosystems, then form the reproductive organs of fungi. 

Each adaptogenic mushroom has its own mycelium. 

The mushroom extract powder is different, because it concerns the entire fungus. To produce mushroom extract powder, the most common process is as follows. Raw mushrooms are dried before being ground to obtain a fine powder. Then, the fine powder is immersed in boiling water, except for certain mushrooms which are immersed in a mixture of water and alcohol. But whatever the process, the important thing is that the cell walls of the mushrooms break down during cooking. Thus, the beta-glucans, triterpenes and other beneficial substances are extracted. Only after all this is the liquid extract packaged. It is sent to a spray dryer which allows the liquid to evaporate. Finally, all that remains is mushroom extract in powder form. 


-Adaptogenic mushroom powder for better health 

THE mushroom extracts powder are excellent for your health. Depending on the adaptogen mushroom powder, there are different benefits to be gained from it. But if you have to get it, opt for mushroom extract powders. In fact, the benefits are more concentrated there. Just put a spoonful in your drink to take full advantage of it. 


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