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    Antioxydant · Stimule l'Immunité · Digestion

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Cordyceps capsules

Energy and physical performance

Independent laboratory tested
Stimulate libido
Made in France


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The benefits of Cordyceps

French Mush Quality

French Mush offers biosourced mushroom extracts. Making our products assimilable and ultra-concentrated. It's important to note that 90% of the mushroom-based products you'll find online are counterfeit. Product quality depends on traceability and extraction. Don't be fooled into buying basic mushroom powder. For example, you need 4kg of mushrooms to obtain 30 grams of extract.


Cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom renowned in traditional Chinese medicine. He has been known in Europe since 1993 after the world athletics championships. During this competition, the Chinese women's team won all the titles and justified doping rumors by promoting cordyceps. Cordyceps is not a doping product.

Taste & Use

French Mush cordyceps has almost no taste, it mixes perfectly with food or drink.

We advise you to use the products as a treatment of at least 30 days and if possible 90 days.

You can use different mushrooms at the same time for a synergistic effect.

Libido & Physical performance

Cordyceps is historically known in Asia for its libido-enhancing properties. You'll find more information on uses and dosage below. More recently, studies seem to show an improvement in energy and sports performance, with even more notable results in sedentary people. (1) (2)

Ingredients and traceability

Our Cordyceps products are available in two formats: powder and capsules.

For the powder:

  • Each 100g contains 40% (i.e. 40g) full spectrum Cordyceps sinensis powder (mycelium and fruiting body) from France.

  • The remaining 60% (60g) are Cordyceps militaris extracts from the renowned Fujian Farm in China. These extracts guarantee a minimum of 30% polysaccharides.

    For capsules:

  • One capsule contains 400 mg of Cordyceps sinensis fruiting body extracts, also from Fujian Farm in China, containing at least 30% polysaccharides.

  • It's essential to point out that all our Cordyceps extracts are organically grown. What's more, all our products are 100% vegan, and our capsules are made from Breadfruit, ensuring their naturalness and suitability for a vegan diet.

    We would like to inform our customers that these products are not recommended for children, pregnant or breast-feeding women.


Boost your energy, physical performance and libido.


Physical performance



Discover the range

What dose for what benefit?

Powders: 1g of powder in your drink. Capsule: 1 to 2 capsules per day


0.5 - 1g extracts/day

Kidney function

1g extracts/d


1g extracts/d

Physical performance

0.5 - 1g extracts/day

Transparency and Certification

Are your products certified organic?

All our products are certified organic by independent French organizations, ensuring cultivation and production that are respectful of the environment and your health.

Where can I find the analysis reports for your products?

We take quality seriously. That's why we provide you with independent laboratory analysis reports for each product batch. You can download the results [here].

How do you extract compounds from your mushrooms?

We use a state-of-the-art ultrasonic extraction method, which preserves the power and integrity of the mushrooms' active compounds for maximum efficacy.

Do your products contain GMOs or additives?

We are proud to offer you 100% natural products, free of GMOs, additives, or preservatives. Moreover, our packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable.

Nos experts

French Mush uses the full spectrum of mushrooms. Mycelium, Fruiting body and extracts. A work made possible thanks to the collaboration of growers, entrepreneurs and health experts.

Antoine Alibert

Entrepreneur committed to the world of well-being

Javier Gorgas

Mushroom grower in Normandy, pioneer in the cultivation of medicinal mushrooms in France.


Certified naturopath expert in mycology and mycelia for over 10 years.

François Lovo

Micro nutritionist and Naturopath

Audrey Smolak

Experienced entrepreneur in the well-being and health sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mushrooms psychotropic?

No, these are so-called functional mushrooms. Some mushrooms are gastronomic: porcini mushrooms, chanterelle mushrooms, button mushrooms, etc. Others are medicinal: Chaga, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi. And finally some are hallucinogenic. But they all have nothing to do with each other. Comparing medicinal mushrooms with magic mushrooms is the same as comparing alcohol with water. :)

What is the difference between powders and capsules?

Powders and capsules are essentially the same products. The difference lies in the intake and dosage. The powders are to be mixed with a drink or food. The capsules are to be swallowed with a glass of water.

Where do mushrooms come from?

The greatest added value of French Mush is the collaborative work between our growers and laboratories. On average our mushrooms come 35% from France, 25% from Holland, 20% from Finland and 20% from China.

What is the difference between powder and extracts?

French Mush uses extracts. This is dried powder of mushrooms which are then extracted. In fact, the interesting active ingredients of mushrooms cannot be bioavailable in the human body without first extraction. For information, 300 grams of dried powder are necessary to make 30 grams of extracts. French Mush products are therefore very concentrated and among the most effective in Europe.

Are there any side effects or contraindications?

There are no side effects from consuming mushrooms. There may be contraindications with certain drug treatments (anti-coagulants, hypertension). Do not hesitate to ask your doctor for advice. The product is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Puis-je consommer plusieurs champignons en même temps ?

Oui tout à fait il y'a d'ailleurs un effet synergique à consommer des champignons différents, notamment sur la digestion, l'immunité et la vitalité.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Andreea Chiriac

Esta pastilla, es increíble! Te da el boost necesario para pasar un día cargado. Súper recomendable


Le Cordyceps

Monica Ramasamy

Meilleur qu’un complément

Aude Petit

Ras. Rapide. Efficace. Produits bien emballé. Très contente. Merci

Monica Gualtieri

Mi trovo bene, non così bene invece con Lions male

Siamo felici di sapere che ti trovi bene con i nostri prodotti, anche se ci dispiace sentire che non hai avuto lo stesso livello di soddisfazione con il Lion's Mane. Ogni persona risponde in modo diverso ai nostri prodotti e potrebbe richiedere del tempo per notare benefici evidenti.

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The benefits of Cordyceps extract in capsules!

THE concentrated Cordyceps extract capsules combine the age-old virtues of the mushroom with the modernity of food supplements. Choosing this capsule form means giving yourself a health routine that is both practical and effective. 

First of all, the formulation of extracts in capsules guarantees better assimilation of the active ingredients of Cordyceps by the body and in particular polysaccharides. A simple capsule with a glass of water or accompanied by a herbal tea during your meals is enough to benefit from the beneficial effects of the mushroom. 

This absorption optimal results in increased energy, increased endurance, improved libido, strengthened immunity, urinary comfort and better kidney function.

Then, adopt a treatment of our food supplements is very effective in combating fatigue and acting as a natural physical stimulant. The Cordyceps mushroom extracts contained in the capsules retain all their virtues, thus offering all the advantages of a healthy, natural, reliable and traceable product.

Finally, the compact format of our Cordyceps capsules and their container makes them easy to transport. So whether you're at work, traveling or on the go, they're always on hand, ready to go anywhere.

For a holistic approach to your health, opt for Cordyceps extract capsules, and enrich your daily life with their multiple benefits.

A 100% natural composition for our Cordyceps capsule products!

At French Mush, nature and plants take precedence. This is why our food supplements based on Cordyceps are designed with total respect for nature and the mushroom. Our formulation in capsules exploit the full spectrum of Cordyceps, thus guaranteeing a product that preserves the vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and the essential medicinal substances of this exceptional mushroom.

Coming from a Organic Agriculture, OUR Cordyceps in capsules is harvested from sustainable sources. We ensure at each stage, from cultivation to processing, that the active ingredients are preserved for a bioavailability optimal. Thus, during your Cordyceps capsules cures, each daily intake guarantees a precise dosage of this natural product, ensuring an excellent stimulant for your body.

In addition, always respecting our values ​​which are to offer you natural solutions, our capsules are 100% vegan, designed exclusively from plant substances. This not only ensures perfect compatibility for sensitive people, but also better absorption by the body with a complete absence of chemicals or industrial compounds.

Us Cordyceps capsules are not only effective, they also respect your body and nature, for more harmonious health, in accordance with the values ​​of French Mush.

The importance of Cordyceps polysaccharides in our natural food supplements in capsules!

The champignon Cordyceps has polysaccharides to therapeutic properties exceptional. These natural molecules are found at the heart of our food supplements in capsules, thus optimizing their benefits on the body. 

  • Stimulation of the immune system : Polysaccharides help to strengthen the body's defenses, helping to fight various attacks.

  • Tone and vitality : By stimulating metabolism, they help combat fatigue, thus providing better physical and intellectual tone.

  • Nervous system support : These compounds play a crucial role in the regulation and stimulation of our central nervous system, making our concentration abilities and our functional sensitivity more optimal.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties : Polysaccharides have also shown beneficial effects against inflammation, providing relief under certain conditions.

  • Filling the gaps : Incorporating these Cordyceps capsules into your diet helps to fill vitamin and mineral deficiencies and contributes to your overall vitality.

L'cordyceps dry extract used in our capsules ensures that you benefit from all these benefits with each dose. Take Cordyceps capsules containing a minimum of 30% polysaccharides proves to be an effective natural stimulant, proven for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine.

Only the form of mushroom, mycelium and fruiting body extracts makes it possible to make the polysaccharides assimilated by the body.

What dosage for my Cordyceps capsules?

To take full advantage of the benefits of Cordyceps French Mush capsules, it is essential to follow an appropriate dosage. These vegetable capsules, devoid of taste, offer optimal ease of use. 

Here are some French Mush recommendations for an effective cure:

  1. Duration of treatment : Depending on the desired effects, your Cordyceps capsule treatment lasts from 30 to 90 days. If you want to strengthen your natural defenses as the winter period approaches, or get back into shape at the end of winter, a 30-day treatment may be enough. For better tone in summer or for long-term benefits, opt for a duration of 90 days.
  2. Daily dosage : One to two capsules per day are recommended to gain energy, improve physical performance, stimulate kidney function or boost libido. They can be taken at any time of the day, with a large glass of water or accompanied by a herbal tea.
  3. Combination with other mushrooms : Our Cordyceps capsules can be combined with other medicinal mushrooms for a synergistic effect, thus amplifying the benefits for your health.

Cordyceps capsules are strongly not recommended for children and pregnant women to avoid possible adverse effects. 

Apart from this precaution given the therapeutic power of this mushroom and whatever the season, our vegetable capsules will accompany you for optimal well-being throughout the year.

Powell, Martin. Medicinal Mushrooms: the Essential Guide. Mycology Press, 2013.

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