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  • poudre chaga


    Antioxydant · Stimule l'Immunité · Digestion


  • le Cordyceps en poudre


    Energie · Performance physique


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    Stimulates Immunity · Inflammation & relaxation · Sleep


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  • le Cordyceps en poudre
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Cordyceps extract powder

Energy and physical performance

Independent laboratory tested
Stimulate libido
Made in France


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The benefits of Cordyceps

French Mush quality

French Mush offers biosourced mushroom extracts.

Making our products assimilable and ultra concentrated.

It's important to note that 90% of the mushroom products you find online are counterfeit.

The quality of a product depends on traceability and extraction. Don't be fooled into just buying basic mushroom powder.

For example, it takes 4kg of mushrooms to obtain 30 grams of extracts.


Cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom renowned in traditional Chinese medicine. He has been known in Europe since 1993 after the world athletics championships. During this competition, the Chinese women's team won all the titles and justified doping rumors by promoting cordyceps. Cordyceps is not a doping product.

Taste and use

French Mush cordyceps has almost no taste, it mixes perfectly with food or drink.

We advise you to use the products as a cure minimum 30 days and if possible 90 days.

You can use different mushrooms at the same time for a synergistic effect.

Libido and physical performance

Cordyceps is historically known in Asia for its action on libido. You will find more information on use cases and dosage just below.

More recently, studies seem to demonstrate an improvement in energy and sports performance, with even more notable results in sedentary people.

(1) (2)

Ingredients and traceability

Our Cordyceps products are offered in two formats: powder and capsules.

For the powder :

  • Each 100g contains 40% (i.e. 40g) of full spectrum Cordyceps sinensis powder (mycelium and fruiting body) from France.
  • The remaining 60% (i.e. 60g) are extracts of Cordyceps militaris from the renowned Fujian Farm in China. These extracts guarantee a minimum of 30% polysaccharides.

About the capsules :

  • One capsule is composed of 400 mg of fruiting body extracts of Cordyceps sinensis, also from the Fujian Farm in China, containing at least 30% polysaccharides.

It is essential to specify that all our Cordyceps extracts benefit from organic farming. In addition, all of our products are 100% vegan and our capsules are made from Bread Apple, ensuring their natural character and compliance with a vegan diet.

We would like to inform our customers that these products are not recommended for children, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women.


Boost your energy, physical performance and libido.


Physical performance



Discover the range

What dose for what benefit?

Powders: 1g of powder in your drink. Capsule: 1 to 2 capsules per day


0.5 - 1g extracts/d

Kidney function

1g extracts/d


1g extracts/d

Physical performance

0.5 - 1g extracts/d

Our experts

French Mush uses the full spectrum of mushrooms. Mycelium, Fruiting body and extracts. A work made possible thanks to the collaboration of growers, entrepreneurs and health experts.

Antoine Alibert

Entrepreneur committed to the world of well-being

Javier Gorgas

Mushroom grower in Normandy, pioneer in the cultivation of medicinal mushrooms in France.


Certified naturopath expert in mycology and mycelia for over 10 years.

François Lovo

Micro nutritionist and Naturopath

Audrey Smolak

Experienced entrepreneur in the well-being and health sector.

Transparency and Certification

Are your products certified organic?

All our products are certified organic by independent French organizations, ensuring cultivation and production that are respectful of the environment and your health.

Where can I find the analysis reports for your products?

We take quality seriously. That's why we provide you with independent laboratory analysis reports for each product batch. You can download the results [here].

How do you extract compounds from your mushrooms?

We use a state-of-the-art ultrasonic extraction method, which preserves the power and integrity of the mushrooms' active compounds for maximum efficacy.

Do your products contain GMOs or additives?

We are proud to offer you 100% natural products, free of GMOs, additives, or preservatives. Moreover, our packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mushrooms psychotropic?

No, these are so-called functional mushrooms. Some mushrooms are gastronomic: porcini mushrooms, chanterelles, button mushrooms, etc. Others are medicinal: Chaga, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi. And finally some are hallucinogenic. But they all have nothing to do with each other. Comparing medicinal mushrooms with magic mushrooms is the same as comparing alcohol with water. :)

What is the difference between powders and capsules?

Powders and capsules are essentially the same products. The difference lies in the intake and dosage. The powders are to be mixed with a drink or food. The capsules are to be swallowed with a glass of water.

Where do mushrooms come from?

The greatest added value of French Mush is the collaborative work between our growers and laboratories. On average our mushrooms come 35% from France, 25% from Holland, 20% from Finland and 20% from China.

What is the difference between powder and extracts?

French Mush uses extracts. This is dried powder of mushrooms which are then extracted. In fact, the interesting active ingredients of mushrooms cannot be bioavailable in the human body without first extraction. For information, 300 grams of dried powder are necessary to make 30 grams of extracts. French Mush products are therefore very concentrated and among the most effective in Europe.

Are there any side effects or contraindications?

There are no side effects from consuming mushrooms. There may be contraindications with certain drug treatments (anti-coagulants, hypertension). Do not hesitate to ask your doctor for advice. The product is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Puis-je consommer plusieurs champignons en même temps ?

Oui tout à fait il y'a d'ailleurs un effet synergique à consommer des champignons différents, notamment sur la digestion, l'immunité et la vitalité.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Le Cordyceps

Simon Tronche
Rien a signale

Le gout est bon. Mais je ne vois pas d’effet

Giovanni Bianchi

Prodotti fantastici

Siamo così felici che tu abbia trovato fantastici i prodotti, in particolare i cordyceps!
Grazie per aver condiviso la tua soddisfazione!
French Mush

Alvaro Bastida
Mucha satisfecho

Al cabo de pocas semanas, se notan los efectos beneficiosos

Gracias por su confianza y sus comentarios positivos.
Nos complace saber que ha notado los efectos beneficiosos tras unas pocas semanas de uso. Su satisfacción es nuestra prioridad, y nos complace que nuestro producto haya cumplido sus expectativas. No dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros si desea más información.

David Aiello

Depuis la première prise, j’ai senti un bien être incroyable.

Votre satisfaction et votre bien-être sont notre priorité absolue, et nous sommes enchantés de constater que nos produits ont pu contribuer à améliorer votre qualité de vie !
L'équipe French Mush

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Cordyceps powder, a treasure trove of benefits drawn from the heart of nature!

Discovering Cordyceps is opening yourself up to a multitude of unsuspected benefits. This organic food supplement, rich in vitamins and minerals, and formulated by experts de French Mush, is a true gift of nature, offering a concentrate of vitality. 

OUR Cordyceps extract powder, particularly concentrated in polysaccharides, acts significantly on various aspects of health, testifying to the innate strength of this natural product. 

Without artifices or additives, it is the ideal partner if you are looking for a pure and powerful source of energy and well-being. Explore the many virtues of this unique mushroom and let its nature transform you.

The power of Cordyceps: an adaptogenic mushroom with multiple virtues

The Cordyceps is an adaptogenic mushroom originating from Tibet and also a jewel of traditional Chinese medicine. 

His fame was built around his multiple medicinal virtues, therapeutic and stimulating. This mushroom is particularly rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements et polysaccharides. 

These nutrients are essential for strengthen the immune systemboost metabolism and fight fatigue. In addition, its active ingredients, such as essential fatty acids and amino acids, work together to promote vitality, improve kidney function and stimulate libido.

When you consume the Cordyceps powder, the substance interacts directly with your body, providing minerals such as calcium and magnesium which are essential to your well-being. 

The flavonoids present in Cordyceps act as a real concentrate of vitality, helping to eliminate toxins from our body. In addition, its specific compounds protect your kidneys, key organs in the elimination of waste naturally produced by the body such as uric acid or various treatments causing drug residues. 

By strengthening the immune system, Cordyceps provides a solid defense against diseases, making it a valuable ally for you maintain good health.

A food supplement for optimal vitality

The Cordyceps powder is easily consumed and can be incorporated very effectively into your health routine. Free from specific aromatic flavors and mixed in teas, herbal teas, infusions or simply sprinkled on a culinary preparation, its bioavailability ensures effective assimilation and absorption. 

It is an exceptional source of nutrients for athletes seeking better physical performance, people seeking to stimulate their libido or those wanting to strengthen their natural defenses. 

Our food supplement based on Cordyceps is effective against fatigue, guaranteeing better tone and increased endurance. Moreover, take Cordyceps in powder form allows for better nutritional supplementation.

Instructions for use: How to integrate Cordyceps into your daily life?

Whether you want to boost your energy, increase your sexual desire or strengthen your immune system, incorporating our Cordyceps powder into your diet is child's play. Here are some indications for properly consuming this medicinal mushroom powder:

  • Preparations : Mix the powder in a glass of water, incorporate it into a smoothie, add it to lukewarm milk, in an infusion or even sprinkle it on sweet treats or in culinary recipes.
  • Specific dosage : For concerns related to libido or kidney function, a dose of 1 gram of powdered Cordyceps extracts is recommended. On the other hand, for a boost or to improve your physical performance, a quantity between 0.5 and 1 gram is sufficient.

It is essential to respect this dosage to avoid unwanted effects. Furthermore, this mushroom is strongly not recommended for pregnant women. Before starting any treatment, and especially if you are under treatment, a consultation with a health professional is essential.

Also remember to store your Cordyceps powder in a dry place, at room temperature and away from any light source to maintain its properties. Adopt this ritual and make Cordyceps a precious ally, especially when winter sets in.

French Mush's quality commitment: nature in its purest state

French Mush is committed to offering a 100% natural product. Formulated from Cordyceps from premium organic farming, our food supplement is rich in medicinal properties. 

The mushrooms that we use to formulate our full Spectrum Cordyceps powder are carefully picked by hand and dried at low temperature, thus preserving all of their nutrients. 

This method guarantees a stimulating product, pure, vegan, without GMOs, additives or preservatives. Thanks to a fine grind, the powder retains the richness of active ingredients of the mushroom, thus ensuring excellent bioavailability. 

French Mush proves once again that nature offers the best food supplements for our well-being.

The Cordyceps powder offered by French Mush is a precious ally for all those seeking to improve their well-being, whether physical or mental. 

Adopt it into your routine and benefit from its benefits daily.

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