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  • poudre chaga

    The Chaga

    Antioxidant · Stimulates Immunity · Beauty · Digestion


  • le Cordyceps en poudre


    Energy · Physical performance


  • reishi en poudre

    Le reishi

    Stimulates Immunity · Inflammation & relaxation · Sleep


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Le pack santé mentale et energie

The mental health and energy pack

In our hectic lives, the search for balance between stress, fatigue and well-being becomes essential.

It is with this in mind that French Mush , a French company specializing in natural food supplements, created The Mental Health and Energy Pack .

This pack contains powders based on medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens to help you boost your energy and mental health every day.

A concentrate of benefits for the body and mind

The Mental Health and Energy Pack is made up of three products from the French Mush range:

  • Lion's Mane : a mushroom said to be known for its beneficial effects on cognition, memory and mood.
  • Cordyceps : a mushroom that helps improve physical performance and combat fatigue.
  • Reishi: a mushroom that strengthens your immune system, your tone and your vitality.

Each of these ingredients has specific virtues to optimize your energy and mental well-being.

Lion's Mane: for optimal cognitive health

Also called Yamabushitake, Lion's Mane is a mushroom with neuroprotective properties.

It promotes neuron growth and improves neuroplasticity, which may have beneficial effects on cognitive functions such as memory, attention and concentration.

Source : The Neuroprotective Properties of Hericium erinaceus in Glutamate-Damaged Differentiated PC12 Cells and an Alzheimer's Disease Mouse Mode de lJilin University

Cordyceps: an ally against fatigue

Cordyceps has stimulating properties for the body.
This mushroom is known to help your body adapt to stress and better resist mental and physical fatigue.

Thanks to its content of essential amino acids and minerals, it boosts energy and endurance.

Source: Novalnaturel Laboratory

Reishi: vitality and immune strengthening

This mushroom, rich in antioxidants and probiotics, plays a key role in strengthening immune defense and protecting against various pathologies.

It helps reduce inflammation thanks to its natural constituents, helping the immune system to fight infections.

Reishi is also a natural remedy for sleep-related problems such as insomnia, nightmares, and difficulty falling asleep.

Source: Novalturel Laboratory Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi mushroom) for the treatment of cancer

How to use the Mental Health and Energy Pack

To fully benefit from the benefits of these powders, it is advisable to integrate them daily into your well-being routine.

If you have chosen the pack in powder form we advise you:

  • 1 gram of Lion's Mane per day
  • 1 gram of Reishi per day
  • 1 gram of Cordyceps per day

If you have opted for a capsule format made from organic bread apple, we recommend:

  • 1 to 2 capsules of Lion's Mane
  • 1 to 2 Reishi capsules per day
  • 1 to 2 Cordyceps capsules per day

You can increase the dosage according to your feelings but avoid overconsumption of the product.

The positive effects on mental and physical health can be felt quickly, but you should follow these routines for several weeks to see significant improvement.

Who is this for?

The Mental Health and Energy Pack is aimed at all people wishing to boost their energy and mental health.

Whether you are a student, active or retired, employee or entrepreneur, busy mom or hyperactive adult, these natural powdersare a great way to improve your stress managementandenergydaily.

A natural boost for your mental health and energy

The Mental Health and Energy Pack from French Mush is the ideal supplement to help you maintain optimal energy levels and good mental health.

Composed of natural and beneficial ingredients for the body and mind, this pack will give you the boost you need to face your daily life.

Try it now to enjoy its many benefits!


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