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Champignons médicinaux : un aperçu historique et leurs utilisations modernes

Medicinal Mushrooms: A Historical Overview and Their Modern Uses

From ancestral remedies to modern cures

Medicinal mushrooms have a rich and ancient history, particularly in traditional Chinese medicine.

For millennia, they have been used for their curative and preventative properties in the treatment of various diseases and health disorders.

Today, scientific research is highlighting their virtues and their popularity continues to grow throughout the world.

Cordyceps, a mushroom with exceptional powers

Used in Asia for more than 2000 years , Cordyceps is recognized for its adaptogenic properties, that is to say, it helps the body adapt to stress factors and balance its different functions.


Among its health benefits, it is notably attributed with stimulating virtues for the immune system, thus promoting protection against infections and viruses.


Recent studies also show its interesting potential as a natural supplement to mitigate the effects of aging and improve physical energy and endurance.

  • Stimulation of the immune system
  • Protection against infections
  • Help with physical and mental recovery
  • Improved energy and endurance
  • Slowing down the effects of aging

Reishi, a medicinal mushroom with multiple benefits

Considered the “king of medicinal mushrooms” , Reishi is famous for its immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory properties.

Rich in polysaccharides and triterpenes, it is particularly recommended for improving resistance to stress and promoting restful sleep.

In Japan, this mushroom is the subject of numerous scientific studies which corroborate its traditional uses and encourage its use in the prevention of various diseases, such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes and even certain cancers.

  • Improved immune system
  • Natural anti-inflammatory
  • Fight against stress and anxiety
  • Helps maintain balanced blood pressure
  • Anticancer potential


Lion’s mane, an ally for your immune defenses

Lion's mane , also known as lion's mane or hedgehog hydne, is a unique edible and medicinal mushroom.


Here is a brief description:

  • Appearance: This mushroom is distinguished by its remarkable appearance which resembles a lion's mane or white hair. It is made up of long white filaments that hang down and give it a bushy and silky look.
  • Habitat: It is found mainly on old trunks of deciduous trees, especially oaks and beeches, in the temperate forests of North America, Europe and Asia.
  • Usage: Lion's Mane is appreciated for its texture and taste, often compared to that of seafood such as lobster or crab. In cooking, it is used in various dishes, from soup to stir-fry.
  • Medicinal properties : It is also known for its medicinal properties, including improving cognitive function, supporting nerve and immune health, and possessing anti-inflammatory and antioxidants.


This mushroom has gained popularity in recent years, both in the culinary world and in natural health supplements.

Chaga and its beneficial effects for your health

Chaga is a type of medicinal mushroom that grows mainly on birch trees in cold regions.

This mushroom is one of a kind, looking more like a piece of coal or a black crust than a traditional mushroom.


Its surface is irregular, rough, and black in color, while the interior is dark brown to orange in color.

It grows mainly in cold northern climates, notably in Siberia, Alaska, Canada, as well as in certain regions of Northern Europe and the United States.

Chaga is rather used in the form of powder, of capsules, or infused in teas and other drinks for its health benefits.


This mushroom is known for its richness in antioxidants and is often used to stimulate the immune system, reduce inflammation, and for its potential beneficial effects on cardiovascular health and blood sugar regulation.

It is also being studied for its potential anti-cancer properties.

This mushroom is widely valued in traditional medicine and in modern wellness practices.

Growing popularity on the global market

With the rediscovery of their health benefits, medicinal mushrooms are attracting growing interest from consumers, but also from researchers and health professionals.

Popular for their preventive and curative action in the face of everyday ailments and chronic illnesses, they inspire the development of new products and food supplements intended to improve our well-being.

A diversified offering to meet consumer needs

Herbal teas, capsules, powders, capsules: medicinal mushrooms are available today in many forms, which facilitates their integration into our lifestyle and allows a use adapted to our personal needs.

At French Mush , our mushrooms are available in:

  • Capsules : perfect to slip into your bag and be able to use them regularly without forgetting them.
  • Powders : suitable for a single dosage and according to your wishes.

A booming market

The global market for medicinal mushrooms is constantly growing and looks promising for the years to come.

In addition to their growing popularity among consumers, this growth can also be explained by scientific discoveries which confirm and enrich their traditional use.

This is evidenced by the success of the exhibition “The incredible power of mushrooms” organized by the Mos_Espa festival, whose 13th edition explored the varied uses of mycelium, particularly in the medicinal sphere.

Conclusion: a thousand-year-old heritage to rediscover

Through their rich history and their modern applications, medicinal mushrooms invite us to rediscover the treasures of nature to take care of our health.


Whether consumed as part of a wellness treatment or integrated into a daily routine, they are all natural solutions to prevent and relieve the disorders of modern life while supporting our body in the face of environmental and pathogenic challenges.


Find our entire range of mushrooms on French Mush .


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