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Champignons adaptogènes : Le nouvel allié des sportifs

Adaptogenic mushrooms: The new ally of athletes

Long used in traditional Asian medicines, adaptogenic mushrooms are now experiencing a resurgence interest, particularly for their beneficial effects on health and well-being.

But did you know that they can also be valuable allies for athletes?

Indeed, these powerful natural ingredients help with endurance, strength and recovery, and French Mush explains to you through this article why.

What is an adaptogenic mushroom?

Adaptogenic mushrooms are functional or medicinal mushrooms that have immune and nutritional properties.

These plants have the particularity of helping the body adapt and react better to stress and environmental changes.

They thus contribute to balancing the nervous, immune, digestive and metabolic systems.

Top 3 of the best adaptogenic mushrooms for sport

  • Cordyceps : often used by high-level athletes, this mushroom increases energy, improves respiratory capacity and blood circulation, thus allowing better endurance.
  • Reishi : known as the mushroom of immortality in China, it strengthens the immune system, soothes the mind and improves the quality of sleep, thus facilitating recovery after exercise.
  • Chaga : rich in antioxidants, it fights against free radicals and supports the immune system, promoting better resistance to exercise.

The benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms for athletes

Improve physical performance

By increasing energy and blood circulation, notably thanks to cordyceps, adaptogenic mushrooms contribute to better oxygenation of the muscles.

This increase in oxygen intake results in greater endurance, better resistance to exercise and faster recovery between two training sessions.

Strengthen the mind

The impact of adaptogenic mushrooms is not limited to physical performance: they also have a positive effect on stress, anxiety and sleep quality.

By helping to manage these essential elements for sporting success, they allow you to approach training with calm and concentration.

Promote muscle regeneration

Whether it is running, team sports or bodybuilding, practicing sports inevitably puts strain on the muscles, which can cause soreness and inflammation.

By supporting the immune system and relieving stress, adaptogenic mushrooms can contribute to faster recovery and better muscle regeneration.

How to consume adaptogenic mushrooms?

Adaptogenic mushrooms are now available in many forms which make it easy to integrate them into your daily diet.

At French Mush, you can find them in the form of:

  • Capsules: Convenient to take with you and easy to dose, capsules are a simple solution to benefit from the benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms.
  • Powders: Adaptogenic mushroom powders can be mixed into smoothies, yogurts or soups to add a wellness touch to your meals.

To conclude

Whatever your sporting discipline, it is important to choose the adaptogenic mushrooms according to your profile and your needs.

Obviously, this natural solution must always remain a complement to a healthy and balanced life!

Find all our mushrooms in different variations on French Mush !



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